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• Pepper gas or CS-gas (tear-gas)?
Police forces of the United States of America as well as of many European cities have replaced tear-gas by pepper gas. In addition, Bavarian police some weeks ago replaced the use of tear-gas by pepper gas, as it is less harmful for human health.

• What effect does pepper gas produce?
It does not matter whether eyes, skin or lungs are affected by the gas. In any case the sensation of pain that will have an aggressor will be strong enough to stop his attack for sure.

Why is pepper gas better than a knife or electroshock device?
Electroshock or a knife can only be used for close-range combat, i.e. to use those weapons effectively one should allow an aggressor to approach closely. Our pepper spray however has a range of more than 3 meters, whereby the substance will cover the face of the aggressor completely.

Will the use of pepper gas result in dangerous consequences for an aggressor?
No! Harmful side effects are unknown. Pepper gas is a natural substance, which was tested in pharmacology and the food industry of the USA.

What is the size of a canister with pepper Gas?
The spray is 9 cm high and has a diameter of 3.5 cm. It can be placed easily in the pocket of trousers or jacket. A container of such dimensions can be hidden easily in a person's hand. A full aerosol contains 40 millilitre and can be used several times. A trousers pocket is the ideal place for the dispenser and it is practically worthless when keeping it in a bag.


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