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• Directions for use
Bodyguard is an aerosol for self-defence with a wide spray effect. The dispenser contains gas under pressure. Bodyguard was specially designed for self-defense against attacks of one or several aggressors. The spray covers 0,5 to 1,5 meters at a distance of 3 meters.
May be used for self-defense in the event of:

    Sexual violence attempt
    Dog's attack
    Wild animal's attack

• Use regulations
Bodyguard should be placed in the hand with the four fingers winding round it (sprayer's outlet on top should be in the front and kept free), and the thumb on the button.
Aim at the middle part of the object (to the breast in the case of a man). The thumb should press firmly the button in order to break down two safety guards on the top.
Pressing shortly during 0,5-1 seconds will be enough. In that case "Bodyguard" can be used approximately 10 times. However, we advise to replace the aerosol by a new one after its first use because the safety guards on the top have been broken and, for example, in case when any subject presses the button inside a bag, gas can escape.
When "Bodyguard" is used in a closed room or a vehicle all windows and doors should be open and the vehicle should be stopped. We advise to leave the room or vehicle until residues of the gas have disappeared.

• Disinfection
Cleanse well the area of skin affected by the gas with cold running water. Do not use warm or hot water and do not rub skin or eyes because you can rub the substance into the skin. We advise to rinse well the eyes with cold running water.
If necessary please visit a doctor or hospital.


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