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arasan GmbH
Fahrweidstrasse 9
CH - 8951 Fahrweid / ZH
Tel +41 788810679
Fax +41 434302101

Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions.

To guarantee a smooth cooperation with the firm Arasan GmbH, based in Fahrweid ZH, please read these terms and conditions necessarily. They recognize that every order for products or use our services automatically with these terms and conditions in full. their failure to comply with any obligation under this releases us orders and unfulfilled contracts.

First Terms & Offers
The customers of the prices to be paid for services and products resulting from the contract document or the appropriate price list. All prices are in Swiss francs, euros, and given the U.S. dollar and are exclusive of VAT. Performance is Fahrweid ZH. The freight and packaging costs will be charged at cost, even with subsequent deliveries. When changing the calculation basis, we reserve the right to charge the prices valid on the delivery. Special rates and promotions on demand, respectively. after special agreement. Our bids are confidential and may only be left to individuals to access, the process our offers actually. Price subject to change without notice.

Second Delivery
The Arasan GmbH selects the transport and shipping. Should the purchaser / principal deviant, he bears the additional costs. Partial deliveries are permissible. Unavoidable events such as acts of God, strikes, etc., to entitle the Arasan GmbH delivery delay, if necessary to rescind the contract. With the surrender of the goods to the buyer / client, the benefits and risks go to him. All delivery dates are binding. If the agreed credit limit or delay in payment, we reserve the right to an immediate halt in supplies.

Third Terms of payment
Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices in Swiss francs, euros, respectively. U.S. dollars and payable within the agreed and paid on the invoice payment deadline printed, no deductions. Checks are only for the redeemed. The offsetting of counterclaims of the buyer is excluded. Claims asserted by the buyer from liability or alleged defects not exempt him from payment. The Arasan reserves in deviation from the previous payment, to deliver goods only against cash on delivery or prepayment, as well. Advance payments shall not bear interest. Refusal to accept goods ordered does not release the purchase price. All dunning and collection expenses and special seek repayment in the event of default of acceptance or payment shall be borne by the buyer. You can return the received goods within 5 days in perfect condition and in original packaging. The cost for the return of the buyer.

4th Liability for defects and damages
Obvious defects must be immediately communicated in writing, the latest reported within 3 days of receipt of the goods and returned within 5 (five) days, otherwise the goods shall be deemed approved. The liability for the costs of de-and reinstallation or damage arising directly or indirectly by the goods (consequential damages), is rejected.

5th Warranty
The warranty periods for the various product groups are different. Basically, we give the full amount of the warranty to our customers. Absence of this information, a warranty period of 1 year from date of invoice. Obtain warranty, unless otherwise agreed, not compensated with credits. The Arasan GmbH will correct demonstrable on poor material or poor workmanship during the warranty period attributable defects free of charge, improve or replace defective parts. Excluded from the warranty are damage due to improper handling, congestion, acts of God or natural wear. The guarantee does not cover expendable materials. Also it does not apply if the purchased goods, without the consent of Arasan GmbH, changes or repairs have been made. Freight, shipping and insurance costs of repairs by the customer. The material must be packaged so that no electrostatic or mechanical damage is possible. In Any repairs that are not made in proper industrial packaging, we reserve the right to refuse warranty. For certain products the warranty is handled directly by the manufacturer.

6th Repair Terms and Conditions
Repairs will only be accepted with a completed repair form correctly (one form per item) and accompanying copy of the invoice. Be charged for filling out the form needs to repair the repair software from our website. There are only accepted the defective product without accessories. For organizational reasons, it is sent in each repair, the repair arrives without form or copy of invoice from us, returned at the expense of the sender.
Submissions will be accepted only from the retailer warranty for legal reasons. If sent to a thorough examination items despite not having the error described by them or not falling within the warranty, we will charge a fee of CHF 48 - per 15 minutes of work. This is also good for submitted items were not purchased from Arasan GmbH. Basically no Vorgarantieaustausche be done. For items that are no longer manufactured or are not available, we need to pass the manufacturer's repair time of delivery.

7th Final Determination
The client acknowledges every telephone, oral or written order these terms and conditions in all respects. Jurisdiction for both parties Fahrweid ZH. To get application to Swiss law. This issue of Conditions replaces all previous ones.
Arasan GmbH - Fahrweid ZH, 01 July 2008


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01. Pepperspray

CHF 25,00
VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

02. NEW: RSG Police - The Police pepper spray!

CHF 38,00
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03. Mobile Alarm

CHF 29,00
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04. Door stop with Alarm (black)

CHF 28,00
VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

05. Window Alarm (black)

CHF 25,00
VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

06. Anti-theft alarm

CHF 39,00
VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

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